The Best Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota Locations And Lodges

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Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota-Forecast & General Information

According to a recent article published by Pheasants Forever, it appears as though South Dakota will still hold on to title of the #1 pheasant hunting destination with an expected harvest of over 1,000,000 birds in 2013-2014 season. Even though the state of South Dakota experienced a significant drought in the previous summer and what most would consider to be a rather wet spring it’s still has some of the best numbers of birds for pheasant hunting keeping it’s reign as the “Pheasant Capital of The World.”

Pheasant hunters in South Dakota have the ability to choose between pheasant hunting on the states 1.1 million acres of public ground or going with an outfitter who can supply them lodging as well.

Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota-Best Locations For A Successful Hunt

At the time of the 2013 brood survey the areas around Pierre, Winner, & Chamberlain were some of the only areas in the state that reported numbers of 2.0 birds per mile which is about cut in half from the previous years average of 4.19 birds per mile. South Dakota Game Fish & Parks has also stated that at the time of the survey that some hens may still have been on nest, so the “the drop may not actually be as precipitous.”

The areas in and around Aberdeen and Mitchell were also high on the list of pheasants per mile with a respectable mark of 1.7 birds. Like previous years pheasant hunters in South Dakota can expect the areas of Gregory, Lyman, & Tripp to produce some of the states best pheasant numbers as well.

Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota- Rules & Regulations

Typically the opening day of pheasant season in South Dakota is on or around the 3rd Saturday of October and the 2013-2014 season dates are listed below:

  • October 19th, 2013- January 5th, 2014
  • Daily bag limit-3 birds
  • Possession limit-15 birds

To check all of the states hunting regulations and rules to be compliant with state law please visit the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks website.

Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota- Where To Consider Hunting

Below is an image attached courtesy of the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks showing the actual pheasant brood survey results by area in 2013. The drop in numbers definitely effected certain areas of the state more so than others. To increase the chances of a successful hunt, consider hunting the areas with the best numbers from the survey results.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 2.43.53 PM


#2- Pierre

#3 Mobridge

#4 Huron

#5 Winner

Again it’s your decision whether to hunt part of the land designated for public hunting or to use a reputable South Dakota pheasant hunting outfitter.

Pheasant Hunting In South Dakota-In Conclusion

Even though numbers are down in South Dakota for the 2013-2014 pheasant hunting season it’s still miraculous that pheasant hunters can expect to harvest over 1,000,000 birds statewide. Thanks to great management efforts by the state, South Dakota continues to be the pinnacle of the best pheasant hunting in the country.

Some of the pheasant hunting outfitters in South Dakota can provide you with some of the absolute most breath taking accommodations, scenery, & experiences that you could ever ask for. You’ll surely be in for the hunt of a lifetime and leave so excited you’ll want to book your hunt for the following year right away.



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