Review Of The Rivers Divide Film On DVD

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The Rivers Divide Review-My Expectations Of The Film

Donnie Vincent's The River's Divide Review

The Rivers Divide 2013

3 days before your favorite hunt or the biggest adventure of your life sleepless, restless, and all you can think or talk about, those were the same emotions and excitement I felt as I patiently (not so much) waited for my River’s Divide DVD to show up. 3 days to ship something across the United States to my mailbox seems like a quick turn around, right? Not for me, I am known for being habitually impatient when it comes to waiting for things I’m excited about. I got enough exercise between Wednesday and Saturday running to and from my mailbox multiple times waiting for it’s arrival “just in case” the hunting Gods and Goddesses would be so kind as to make it appear before the intended arrival date.

In full disclosure, I’m not much of a TV or movie guy. As a matter of fact, I don’t have cable, I don’t have a TV, and 80% of my DVD’s are hunting related. I watch hunting films like a football coach watches game film. You name it, I probably have it. Everything from Realtree, Jim Shockey, Mossy Oak, Lee And Tiffany Lakosky, Michael Waddell, and the list goes on and on. You know, I’m pretty sure I still have a box in storage full of VHS tapes too and one that comes to mind is “Big Bucks Everywhere.” In my circle of friends, everyone knows that a sure fire way to put me to sleep isn’t with too much whiskey, turning the lights off, or simply the fact that it’s late. You want to put me to sleep? Then put in a movie that doesn’t captivate my interest and I’m OUT LIKE A LIGHT, usually snoring and making people mad. Am I the only crazy one out there who really only gets excited about hunting?

Needless to say, my expectations for The River’s Divide were high. High as in a treestand 25ft of the ground high. Partly due to the fact that I know the film director Kyle Nickolite and for those of you who don’t know him, he’s what you would refer to as an all around good guy. There’s just something about witnessing people’s creativity first hand, I’ve always had a major appreciation for people who are creators. It’s people like that who allow me to share this message with you today and how The Rivers Divide is even available to view. I knew Kyle’s talents would be evident in the film and I know he and Donnie (and the rest of the crew) put in years making this film happen. I knew it would be different than what I was used to watching, but I was totally caught off guard (in a good way).

What would you expect from the “Feature Film Of 2013” on the full draw film tour, selection to the South Dakota Film Festival, selection at the River’s Edge International Film Festival, and Judges Choice “Best In Festival” at the Maine outdoor film festival?

So last night, at 7:30pm I promptly put The River’s Divide in my dvd player on my computer, popped the top on an ice cold Busch Light, and next is a brief overview of the film WITHOUT ruining it for you!

The Rivers Divide Review-Overview 

River's Divide DVD

The River’s Divide With Donnie Vincent

So, the footage takes place over a 2.5 year time frame in the badlands of North Dakota hunting an elusive whitetail buck named “Steve” , which I really appreciated because it wasn’t slopped together, rushed, or boring. Remember, if it doesn’t captivate my attention (and keep it) movies make me go to sleep. As hunters what you and I know is that every hunt is a unique experience in it’s own and they end up being stories we tell around the campfire, maybe over a beer in our buddies garage, or to family during the holidays.

As you read this you’re not getting the perspective of some Hollywood movie critic, just a fellow hunter like yourself. With that being said, The River’s Divide offers up several different characters in the movie and they truly end up taking shape on their own. The beautiful scenery and story line kept me at the edge of my seat seriously wondering what was next. I found myself recalling so many different hunts I had been on where I had experienced that same things that Donnie was going through. The only difference was, I didn’t have a camera capturing it all. My mind was also future pacing to this fall and how I would prepare between now and then wondering what my expectations would be.

To me, this is a story of persistence. Many shows and dvds in the hunting industry don’t capture the entire hunt, which to be honest really bugs me. Donnie becomes so passionate about harvesting “Steve” that is ends up becoming nothing short of a magnificent obsession. While the film has it’s fair share of highs and lows, many of them unexpected it does a great job of painting the picture of the entire process and experience of hunting one particular animal. If you’re looking for film that’s a compilation of hunts where hunters just show up at a ranch, sit in a tree, and harvest an animal you’re going to be disappointed.

Clearly I can’t go in to too much detail without ruining the outcome of the film for you but I can honestly tell you it wasn’t what I was expecting. As hunters, sometimes we can feel alone, sometimes that’s what we are hunting is the solitude. That’s probably why we venture into the unknown and climb trees and mountains before the sun even comes up. As you watch The River’s Divide you’ll realize that the experiences you have as a hunter aren’t isolated. Many of us run into the same challenges so be prepared to take notes on how Donnie deals with adversity during his hunts and how he overcomes and adapts.

I can’t say for sure if this was the first time that somebody’s creativity made me feel connected to the people in the film, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I imagine Donnie being the same way in person that he is on film and with the ridiculousness of “reality shows” I believe the REAL reality is transparency. I imagine that if Kyle and Donnie were telling me about the hunt(s) in person that my mind would be painting the picture that the movie portrays. To me, they did a great job of capturing authentic hunts and experiences.

The Rivers Divide Review-Pros

"Steve" From The River's Divide

Is This “Steve?”

  • I don’t know what the budget was for the film but it definitely wasn’t captured with Walmart quality equipment
  • The hunt felt real, like I was there
  • No high fences
  • Urgency & Uncertainty (I felt myself trying to be a commentator, which is hilarious)
  • Real life hunting challenges exposed and not edited out

The Rivers Divide Review-Cons

Tough one. It’s funny because in the special features Kyle and Donnie are talking about how some people think the film might be too long at 47 minutes but so much of the hunt was just sitting and waiting. I could have watched for another hour. I saw 47 minutes and my initial reaction was, I wish this was longer but maybe that is due to the fact I’m OCD about hunting? What this “con” ended up being was more of a quality versus quantity type of deal. I guess I’ll just have to watch it more, which I already intend to do.

The Rivers Divide Review -Pricing And Where To Buy

I paid $16.99 for the DVD and shipping was $3.00 I believe so total of¬† $19.99 which I’ve spent MORE on DVD’s before and been less satisfied. The only place I know that you can get it is at and the payment processor is PayPal so you know that it’s a secure shopping cart and nobody will have access to your info. If you don’t have pay pal, don’t worry, you can still enter a different payment method it’s just that PayPal will process the payment. You can pick up your copy or more information by clicking this link.

In closing, it’s going to be worth it to experience the emotions that the film gives you. Whether you’re buying this for yourself, as a gift for someone you’re trying to get into hunting, or because you’re trying to convince you’re hunting partners to step up their game a little bit I truly believe it would be a wise decision, but you probably already know that.

I told you earlier that I have a soft spot for creators and people who can express their passions in their own way. Everyone involved in the making of The River’s Divide definitely made it unique and it’s been set apart from the crowd as far as filmed hunts go. There are too many people “blending in” in the world now and to me, this was a step out on thin ice but it definitely paid off. We should all support people who take the risks that these guys and/or gals did it making this film. Our country was built on innovation, I believe The River’s Divide to be innovative. Great job!

Sound off below, what did you think of The River’s Divide if you’ve seen it?

Leave a comment and let me know :-)

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