ATH 001: 3 Tips To Kill Mature Whitetail Bucks Even If You Hunt Public Ground With Mark Kenyon From Wired To Hunt

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2Welcome to the premier of the Ask The Hunter Podcast interview series where I hunt down the most highly skilled, ethical, humble, & talented folks in the outdoor industry and twist their arms until they agree to share their absolute best secrets with you. Whether you find yourself perched in a tree stand 25 ft in the air hunting Whitetails Bucks, a ground blind over a water hole hunting speed goats, or stalking through the timber after a bugling Elk I plan on delivering you the absolute best interviews that will help you whether your on the chase with a bow, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, cross bow, pistol, or slingshot.

Episode #1 “3 Tips To Kill Mature Bucks Even If You Hunt Public Ground” is a great kick start to this podcast series. I’ve listened to this episode numerous times myself and have over a page of notes. I hunted down Mark Kenyon, from “Wired To Hunt.” Some of you may be familiar with Mark and his obsession with hunting, primarily mature Whitetail bucks.

Mark started the Wired To Hunt blog about 6 years ago as a hobby and a way for him to share new, stories, and strategies that he found useful with everything related to whitetail hunting. One thing I REALLY appreciate about Mark is his personal commitment to his audience to supply them with daily content. It’s EASY to put up a blog these days but what’s NOT EASY is to have someone as caring as Mark that puts up DAILY content for all of us to enjoy an benefit from.

After 6 years on this journey and adventure Mark has now found himself in a “full time” (which I think is 24/7) position by running Wired To Hunt. It’s also not to uncommon to see his work in some of the major hunting and deer hunting magazines that are on the market as well. Mark speaks to an audience that he refers to as the “NEXT GENERATION” which he initially thought would be younger hunters his age range who needed a new fresh perspective, but the next generation has actually evolved into hunters who view hunting as a LIFESTYLE, something they think about 24/7, day in day out, month in month out, and year after year instead of just the weekend type hunters.

Episode #1 with Mark Kenyon is sure to benefit you in the whitetail woods so make sure that you grab a pen, piece of paper, and your favorite beverage as we dive into the intelligent strategies and tips Mark has on “How To Kill Mature Whitetail Bucks Even If You Hunt Public Ground.” ENJOY!


In Episode #1 You’ll Discover:

  • How to use a “gun season sanctuary” to move mature bucks onto your property, for good!
  • What you should REALLY be using your trail cameras to do
  • How many times should you hunt a stand in a season before risking alerting the bucks in your area
  • Hunting MATURE bucks and NOT deer
  • Quality vs Quantity hunting (I thought this was awesome)
  • Using risk/reward hunting in order to increase your chances at a mature buck
  • Step on this “weird thing” to naturally cover your scent on the way into your stand?
  • Using the “eye in the sky” to hunt new areas more efficiently
  • A sneaky little trick to using precipitation to increase your chance of an encounter with a mature buck

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What did you think of Episode #1 The Ask The Hunter Podcast?

Hey, I seriously hope that you enjoyed Episode #1 of the Ask The Hunter podcast with Mark Kenyon from Wired To Hunt where he discussed some of his best strategies for being able to kill a mature whitetail buck even if you hunt public ground.

Do you think we got enough valuable information from Mark that we will be able to take with us to the stand this fall in hopes of getting an encounter and hopefully harvesting a mature whitetail buck?

If there’s anyone you would like me to hunt down and grab for an interview for a future episode let me know and I’ll do my best to round em’ up for ya. Thanks for listening and I hope you have an awesome day! If you need anything, don’t be afraid to give me a shout or hit me up on Facebook.

Did you enjoy Episode #1 “3 Tips To Kill Mature Whitetail Buck Even If You Hunt Public Land” with Mark Kenyon?


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